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Key Features

We have crafted useful and handy features to help you understand your income tax and provide suggestions to save tax


Informative Dashboard

Know how much tax you need to pay for a year based on your salary, investment and exemption

Tax Calculation

Precise Tax Calculation

Our tax calculation is more precise than any other tax calculator app, The breakdown clearly shows how your tax is calculated

Tax Bot


Taxbot provide suggestion to complete your profile for precise tax calculation, suggest tips and articles to save on tax

Tax Savings

Tax Savings

The app shows information like your monthly breakdown, savings percentage and other silent features which helps you to start saving on your tax

Tax Breakdown
Tax Bot
Tax Investments


We are a team of people trying to make generic user life simpler by developing best user experience applications

Frequently Asked Questions

When are you going to release iOS app?

We are developing at the faster phase we can, we will be releasing soon in this quater, Do follow us on twitter to get notify once the app is available

Which version of Andriod and iOS do your apps support?

Android - Starting from lollipop and iOS - Starting from OS10

Can I send feature request, suggestion to Taxon Team?

You can contact us on Twitter, Write us an email to

I have technical problem, whom do I contact?

You can contact us on Twitter, Write us an email to

Future Plans

We are working to make the bot more intelligent so that it can suggest you ways to save your tax, we are also planning to launch a service to benefit the user in terms of finance